The sense of place

interview with Aldo Flore and Rosanna Venezia

“The sense of place”: Aldo Flore and Rosanna Venezia
Trulli, farms, churches, palaces, gardens, each one with its own history. They narrate of men, peoples and traditions. We converse with Aldo Flore and Rosanna Venezia, between architecture, belonging and restoration.

Questions by Fabrizio Aimar

“The sense of place”. On the website page “”, we read that your task is to describe and hand down, creating a bond of love between man and his space. What is the strategy you used to successfully integrate the contemporary with the historical pre-existence?

“Our projects come from afar. A thorough study of vernacular architectural practices and a deep knowledge of the territories make sure the choices are aware. In addition, a very careful selection of artisans leads to re-interpret the history, the perfumes and the materials in a contemporary way.”

Concerning the proper use of the materials, how the values of craftsmanship, uniqueness and typicality blend together in your work?

“Most of the time, we use the same materials which are the most typical and the eco-friendly ones. In any case, they are not use synthetic or chemically treated products; binders and plasters mainly contain lime and the furniture are tint of water-based paints. Lime is also used for the continuous flooring without resins composition. It is clear that only with the help of skilled workers we can get excellent results.”

The “Trulli” of Alberobello is an Italian UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. Over the past 20 years, in your opinion, how it changed the social sensitivity compared to this type of construction?

“Twenty years ago, when we start our local practice, owning a ‘trullo’ or an old house was often synonym of fashion, and in some cases, with no awareness and knowledge of the site. Puglia, for many people, was similar to a generic South Italy. Today, thanks to the work of many and to the international awards too, the sensitivity is greatly increased, and a new awareness has taken place. Let’s go on like this!”