The masters of textile

Museum Atelier Giuditta Brozzetti

Ancient manufacturing, which arrive from the Middle Ages to our present days thanks to the passion of four generations of women. We discuss this with Marta Cucchia by Atelier Giuditta Brozzetti in Perugia, Italy.

by Fabrizio Aimar

I have always had a predisposition for craftworks. After the humanities and 4 years of apprenticeship, in 1997 I opened my company from scratch.

The workshop was established by my great-grandmother Giuditta Brozzetti in 1921; during World War I she discovered that in the state capital countryside women retained and used ancient textile techniques. After the return of veterans from the front, she decided to open a business drawing on the glorious Umbrian textile tradition, then move on from mother to daughter to me, which I represent the fourth generation.

Since 1995, I manage the workshop and, like any woman of the family, I have modified the production according to my character and my tastes. I am an interior designer and I love to create new stylistic and chromatic combinations. Today, more than ninety years after its founding, we manufacture the typical Umbrian fabrics with medieval and nineteenth-century techniques, yet; but to them I approached an eclectic production line for furniture, specifically designed for each customer.

I think for me, as for many women, weaving is rooted in the ancestral memory. The see your article grow up every day is a source of great satisfaction, because while you finish an item you already have in mind the next project.

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