The masters of taps

Rubinetterie Stella

For over 130 years it produces high quality taps, in Italy and worldwide. We discuss this with Paolo Satta, Commercial Director of the business located in the Province of Novara, in Piedmont, Italy.

“I have always had a predisposition for craftworks. After the humanities and 4 years of apprenticeship, in 1997 I opened my company from scratch.

Rubinetterie Stella was born in 1882 and, therefore, we are talking about one of the oldest taps manufacturers in the world. Pietro Stella founded it and until 2009 it was belonged to the Stella family; today the Company is majority-owned by the Nobili family, also possessor of the homonymous taps business. Each generations and the current management carry on the ‘genuine’ business philosophy, lead through permanent research of technical perfection in the taps produced by the Company. This takes place through accurate processing, cleaning and surface treatment, in addition to the choice of high-quality materials, with the collaboration of the most renowned designers in the world.

For us, be an artisan who aims for excellence means, today, means to combine craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, seeking to carry out special design products destined to remain always topical. Just think of our Serie Roma, produced continuously since 1926 (that turns 90 this year) and still in fashion.

Often, we work closely with renowned architects that require us also difficult and important customization, but we are well equipped and organized to match any type of custom-tailoring. Our company annually invests 5% of its turnover in research.

The most prestigious project to which our company has contributed is the renovation of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan, which is the most important hotel refurbishment took place in Italy in the last 15 years.

The entire manufacturing operation takes place in our factory in Dormelletto, in the Province of Novara, Italy, where every stage constantly monitors the final product and carefully controls it. Therefore, checking ensures the excellence of the quality standards of our products and, often, our illustrious customers recognize us on the market. Our products can be found in the most prestigious hotels, both in Italy and abroad, such as, for example, Danieli, Cipriani, Londra in Venice, Villa d’Este in Cernobbio (Como) and Ritz in Paris.

Talking about work experience, the challenge that most excited me, in these years, it has been to be able to explain to the market that a ‘classic’ faucet can get married very well to ‘contemporary’ bathroom furnitures. Therefore, we bring a benefit in a context however ‘modern’. On the other hand, another challenge that we won is the conquering of the world of luxury yachts where, previously, the field was been a monopoly of another foreign business in taps. For us, our faucets installed in the bathrooms of luxurious yachts are a source of pleasure and satisfaction”.

by Fabrizio Aimar