The masters of mosaic

AF Mosaici

Ancient techniques that match to any surface. Archaic tools for contemporary works. We discuss this with Anna Franceschi by AF mosaics in Orvieto, Umbria, Italy.

by Fabrizio Aimar

I have always had a predisposition for craftworks. After the humanities and 4 years of apprenticeship, in 1997 I opened my company from scratch.

I spent the first few years to acquire technique. It is important to know the marbles, cut the tiles with chisel and hammer (instruments in use since ancient times), create a mosaic, the trails, pull together the pieces. Therefore, I always plan a mosaic from design to the laying, be it a wall or a floor, a table or a spa. There are different techniques and every job has its solution.

The first few years I have made many reproductions referring to the old school of the Roman mosaic and different kinds of decorative design. Then I began to experience my way, different trends, mixed tile formats, up to create mosaic curtains that are marble walls of woven strips such as to allow to go through. Another attempt that I am leading i