The master of blown glass

de Majo Illuminazione

The master of blown glass: de Majo Illuminazione
An ancient making, consecrated in the island of Murano, in Venice, Italy. We converse with Lucio de Majo, the last descendant of this centuries-old Italian tradition.

De Majo was born in 1947 by Guido de Majo, who moved from his native Naples to the lagoon, founding the first furnace in Murano. Despite the small size of the beginning, thanks to prudent corporate strategy in the product quality, in a few years it became a real industry. Today, Lucio de Majo, son of Guido, who cultivates the successful business model of his father, combining artisan passion to the contemporary productive interpretation, leads the company.

Attention to quality has meant that our brand has always been able to grasp the new cultures that invested the glass industry. When in the 60’s design became part of the production scenario, de Majo was among the first to invest in the sector, placing side by side the high quality traditional craft production to high-quality serial one, significantly expanding its market range.

In our working environment, the innovative contribution is continuous linked to the processing of each innovative element, which entails to evolve itself to solve manufacturing problems. Past and future come together in a dimension in which the conservation of the timeless elegance meets the continuous search of new forms of expression. Skilled glassmakers shape the creativity of designers and planners.

For de Majo, the attention and extreme care in glass processing has historically gone hand in hand with the safety at workplace and the respect for the environment. De Majo bride and promotes ‘green policies’ using the latest Light Emitting Diode (LED), eco-friendly materials and optimizing energy resources. For us, ethics is also taking care of the land, the welfare of all the people, the air around us, the so dear and fragile waters of the Venetian lagoon.

Our company invests significantly and permanently in research, with the Research & Development department. This one, along with the manufacturing division, designs and improves new exclusive products through a relentless pursuit of the construction techniques, materials and design trends, for the correct interpretation of the contemporary styles.

Characterized by specialized and interconnected departments that assist the architects, the company offers a professional contribution in all stages, from the concept and project development to the installation on site. Only two examples: in the impressive renovation of Hotel Gallia in Milan, we produced a luminous composition of more than 180 glass elements, 30 m high; whereas a few years ago, we have developed and installed a chandelier about 70 m long in Qatar.

Experience and passion, research and unmistakable style blend together with the high quality of the materials, in order to customize the product in detail.

All de Majo products observe the CE mark of the European Community, as well as the EAC certification for regulatory compliance of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. In addition, almost all of the products complies with C-UL-US standards for US and Canadian safety requirements, as well as the ICCP registration according to the regulations in Saudi Arabia. The Murano glass collections by de Majo identify themselves by the trademark ‘Vetro Artistico di Murano’, which certifies that the product are entirely made on the island.

Partner of choice in more than 90 countries worldwide, our creations are located in Italy (in Milan, Capri, Rome), Kuwait, Japan, Egypt, France, United States, China, Cuba, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Turkey and many more.

by Fabrizio Aimar