The cotto masters

Enrico Palmucci

cotto masters Enrico Palmucci
Molded by expert hands, inert matter transforms itself and comes to life. An ancient ritual, the artisan passion for cotto experienced by one of the Italian excellences of “Italia Bellissima”: Enrico Palmucci from Castel Viscardo, Terni, Italy.

When you buy something from a craftsman, not buy a simple object,
buy hundreds of hours of experiments, failures and trials,
buy days, weeks and months of improvements and moments of disappointments and of pure joy.
You’re not buying an object, but a piece of heart, a part of the soul, a moment in the life of someone else,
buy the time taken by the craftsman to do what is his passion and your pleasure…

“I started my adventure in 1995, after working in other furnaces and learned the ‘cotto’ processing techniques handed down from generation to generation. My stubbornness, curiosity, the desire to stand out and above all, my passion, have led me to experiment with new techniques in order to create an exclusive and high value product, it could be distinguished from the standard outcome. At the same time, my goal was also to keep the craftsmanship and the naturalness of a product, approaching to a more contemporary market, but allowing a warm flavor that marries the modern.

The search for new colors, in addition to traditional, tried to maintain the naturalness of the product without the addition of chemical additives, but selecting clays and getting colors such as black and gray, with an ancient cooking process. In doing so, I also experienced tonal treatments to offer multiple variety of finishes to suit every taste, suitable for any living environment. For the more daring, also, I tested colored mixtures, which have given rise to other colors.

But the greatest satisfaction that I had, after years of practice to perfect my creation and that today finds particular interest, is the ‘Antico Restauro’ line, which exactly repeats the surface of an ancient and recovery floor. Each piece is unique, and, combined with the variety of colors we have available, makes this product unique in its kind, with multiple benefits both economic and practical.

I have invested time and money in research; today, my small company has three employees, in addition to my family. I want to clarify that I assure the same attention, care and professionalism, for 1 square meter or 500 square meters both in the Italian and in foreign market. My product is completely handmade in my factory in Castel Viscardo; then, is an authentic and selected ‘made in Italy’.

For a project I worked on in the US, in Newport, for about a year I have been in constant touch for sampling, consulting and mutual cooperation with the designers, to achieve their goal. This order was a challenge with myself, I am proud of that. In addition, I would say thank you to Chiara Vitali for her support and collaboration, whose needs required special precautions and techniques, in order to ensure a dedicated product, finished, ready to install.

In closing, I aim for excellence and I’m always looking for new creations, observing, taking care, questioning, comparing, with the aim of looking for the artifact that suit the taste and the pleasure of each customer. Daunting task, considering that it comes to clay mixed with water, merely as naturally.

by Fabrizio Aimar