The masters of decorative stucco

ASF Enterprise – Toscan Stucchi

The masters of decorative stucco: ASF Enterprise – Toscan Stucchi
From historic theaters even to the Moscow Kremlin. For over 40 years, these masters work for the sake of beauty. We discuss this with Emanuela Caradonna by ASF Enterprise – Toscan Stucchi in Colle di Val d’Elsa, Siena, Italy

The ASF Enterprise – Toscan Stucchi is a leader in the stucco industry, regarding restoration but also creation from scratch and custom-made, based on drawings and proposals by architectural firms and individuals.

It is a family company and the management has handed down through generations. Founded in 1975 by three brothers motivated by desire and ambition, they have developed the sales network in Italy and abroad. The sons launch new product lines with innovative materials, such as, for example, the line Exterior (dedicated to the cement products), special mortars, water-repellent plasters and ultra-resistant resins for wall and floor coverings.

The company has developed a design office that employs specialized staff. We can create custom designs furniture if your item matches a product in our catalogue or in response to customer requests. 2016 novelty is a new line dedicated to contemporary styles, wallcovering, LED equipped and three-dimensional wall panels, also availing of professional in the field.

Many of our first customers, dated back to 40 years ago, are still loyal to brand, and they have followed us along our way, improving and transforming the items in accordance to the market demands and our proposals. This philosophy enhances personal relationships with the customers, expressed in partnership, mutual respect and friendship.

The same applies to employees, some of which became part of the company since it foundation and they retired without never quit their job positions. A sense of belonging and responsibility has evolved, which allows you to achieve maximum results thanks to the passion and the effort in the various business areas: modeling, mold making, manufacturing, materials selection, painting and wood decorations. According with these, construction specialists and installers, restorers, sculptors and applicators, are able to follow the customers from the design to the realization of the shape, until the finished goods are applied.

Today, be artisans for us is mainly artistic inspiration, is always to be active and alert to changes in trends and fashions. As our goals, we have the beauty and the style, and put our skills at your disposal. Every year, at least 5% of turnover is invested in research, both in raw materials and in design or engineering.

Countless are the works done by the ASF Enterprise both in Italy and abroad: households, private villas and the most famous Italian hotels, such as Hotel Lucchesi, Four Seasons, Palazzo Castri 1874, Hotel Brunelleschi, Bar Gilli in Florence and Hilton Hotel in Rome. Also famous theaters are completed, including Teatro dei Rozzi in Siena, Politeama in Prato, but the most attractive and prestigious example in our craftsmanship are the 2 throne rooms of the Tsars of Russia, in the Moscow Kremlin.

di Fabrizio Aimar