“Italia Bellissima” – The Uniqueness

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The value of uniqueness according to the M. Arch. Andrea Capellino – Italia Bellissima Founder
Arch. Andrea Capellino Italia Bellissima Founder



Uniqueness is, according to the Italian vocabulary called “Treccani”, “The condition and the characteristic of being unique; the fact that do not exist, for an element, other same or similar”.

Uniqueness, in relation to the Italian dictionary known as “lo Zingarelli”, published by “Zanichelli”, means “that is not preceded, accompanied or followed by a further equal element, which is the only existing of its type or species”.

The definition of uniqueness, clearly expressed by two authoritative dictionaries, can be further analyzed through its synonyms, able to qualify and strengthen the enunciation. They provide us further ideas for a critical reflection. Therefore, we find analogous and interesting terms such as “originality”, “specificity”, “particularity”, “singularity”, “peculiarities”. They give us the idea of a product specifically designed, reasoned and modeled according to the needs of the customer, in a report made by continuous dialogue and listening between designers and craftsmen to achieve the final goal.

However, much can be learned thinking about what does not correspond to the term “uniqueness”, clearing the field with the help of antonyms. They shall refer us opposites such as the words “multiplicity”, “diversity”, “ordinariness”, “normality”, everyone antithetical to the philosophy enunciated by “Italia Bellissima”. They are useful terms to describe standardization and products homologation linked to democratic politics of the low-cost design. Nevertheless, as stated by M.Arch. Andrea Capellino, this approach results rather “limited and limiting” for opportunities.

Therefore, how to define the uniqueness within the work conducted by “Italia Bellissima”? We discuss this topic with the M.Arch. Andrea Capellino, founder, who explains us his interpretation of this value connected to those ones identified in typically and craftsmanship:

“You ask me what uniqueness means and what I intend by referring to a word that I consider as a value. You know, for me this term encompasses many aspects, which do not interest only the areas of design and artisanship. When I refer to these fields, I think of sweet echoes that recall to Italian identity, uniqueness understood as exclusive product different from any other. Italia Bellissimabases its mission on enhanced the uniqueness of the customer and the end user. When the customer comes to us, he/she express a need. In that request he/she puts everything; it is a combination made of happiness, memories, desires, fears, and our goal is to satisfy all these. That person is unique, really, and he/she will appeal to us to satisfy that need for uniqueness. The special feature of the product becomes a consequence that reproduce the peculiarities of the client, almost a pleasant requirement that wants to be satisfied in a common path, which involves listening and sharing.”

“Italia Bellissima”, the poetry of life.

by Fabrizio Aimar