“Italia Bellissima” – The poetry of life

italia bellissima poetry of life
Interview with M. Arch. Andrea Capellino – Italia Bellissima Founder
Arch. Andrea Capellino Italia Bellissima Founder

“Italia Bellissima”. A project that bears in its name an awesomeness, such as aesthetic and its formal quality. What are the goals and aspirations of this project?

It is a very ambitious project. By tradition and culture, Italians are bearers of innovation and good taste. We aim to continuously research and rediscovery of Italian craftsmanship related to the world of architecture. It is a search in the entire Peninsula, in the small villages and into neighborhoods of large cities, about real men, small companies that were able to resist the impact, during the time flow, of the “standard and cheaply”. Today, they are still able to pass on their skills, expertise and the taste for beauty. These are contained in the Italian tradition and of which we still need strongly. It will serve the beauty of a vase, a lamp, a floor, a fabric. Nowadays, we can find these products in a supermarket or a mall, but, unfortunately, all the same. “Italia Bellissima” has the objective of giving the opportunity to architects, or interior designers, passionate, creative, enlightened businessmen both Italians and foreigners, of thinking about a particular object and knowing that in this municipality, or city, of that Italian county there is a company able to produce it.

Authenticity, uniqueness and craftsmanship of the products, all strictly “Made in Italy”. In a contemporary world, where large retailers as IKEA has rewritten the democratic values of design, what is the surplus value of these 3 points?

Democratic design of IKEA, with the motto “Design for everyone“, however, is limited and sometimes limiting. It is nice to be able to furnish a house with a few thousand dollars, but it is also pleasant to think that homes are not furnished with similar solutions and inhabited by stereotyped families. The uniqueness of “Italia Bellissima” is related to the typicalness, both values arising by traditional artisanship. Mass production, standardization, are possible results but not the only possible solutions, indeed.

In terms of know-how, what is the contribution that Italy may give to the US market for high quality life-style?

US citizens love Italy, the history, the beauty of the land, the cultural heritage that distinguishes it. When return home, they bring with them photographs, video or some pieces purchased in the country. The architects of “Italia Bellissima” help the private, or the interior designer, to properly implement a project using the materials of “Italia Bellissima”. An offer that will satisfy the accurate and timely US user requests. It ensures product quality required, delivery times and the correct entry in the project. We have to take the best aspect of globalization, transforming Italy in the boutique of the planet. To do this, it is essential to enhance the ancient traditions, inputting the desire of beauty of young people.

In a line, how would you define the project “Italia Bellissima”?

The poetry of life.

by Fabrizio Aimar