Italia Bellissima, the italian know how

the journey into beauty for adults and children

il saper fare italiano
A project where the idea of a contemporarily-designed vase guides us through a journey to discover the arts-and-crafts traditions related to Italian architecture.

The tour will pass by the most important Italian cities.
Everything will start from Asti, at Palazzo Mazzetti, on May the 19th at 6pm.
The exhibit consists of the exposition of 11 vases hand-painted from Italian master ceramists, selected to represent the most important Italian places where the tradition of hand-decorated ceramics is strong.
In this occasion we will introduce the local and national press to the Italia Bellissima project and preview the Italia Bellissima book, published by Carlo Gallucci editore.
Enrico Casalini, journalist and writer, author of the book “Rifondata sulla bellezza” will also intervene during the event.
After the talks, the guests will enjoy a small aperitivo with a concert from Bandakadabra.