“Italia Bellissima” – Craftsmanship

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The value of Craftsmanship according to the M. Arch. Andrea Capellino – Italia Bellissima Founder
Arch. Andrea Capellino Italia Bellissima Founder



Craftsmanship is, according to the Italian vocabulary called “Treccani”, “The handmade, by hand. […] Elegant, refined, sophisticated”.

Craftsmanship, in relation to the Italian dictionary of the newspaper “La Repubblica”, it stands “about a product worked with accuracy, not standard”.

The definition of craftsmanship, clearly expressed by two relevant dictionaries, can be further analyzed through the use of their respective similar, able to qualify and consolidate the presentation in a semiotic and semantic framework. They provide us more ideas for a critical reflection, guaranteed by the lexical nuance that deepens the noun or adjective. Then, as synonyms, we find terms such as “cared”, “elaborate”, “manufacturing”, “polished” and “stylish”. They reveal a certain consonance with the extraordinary ability of the “Made in Italy”, famous worldwide. In fact, Italy excels in the international context with the practical aspect of this sensitivity, implemented successfully in the fields of design, food and fashion. It is a success that is based on creativity, and when it marries quality and inventiveness, determines an immediate product recognition.

In a reverse process, it can facilitate the comprehension to meditate about what does not match the term “craftsmanship“, clearing the field through an examination of the opposite of the proposed motto. The current lexicon refers, as antonyms, words as “irregularities”, “exceptional”, “strange”, “extravagance”, “bizarre”, which differ from the logic of care formulated by “Italia Bellissima”. So, it is a question of craftsmanship, dexterity and capacity built up over time and passed on from generation to generation so that something can be defined as luxury, combining rarity and uniqueness in a single product.

Therefore, how can define craftsmanship within the work conducted by “Italia Bellissima”? We have a serious talk with the M. Arch. Andrea Capellino, founder, who explains us what represent that value for him, connected to the uniqueness and to typicality, already discussed:

“More than ever, craftsmanship has to deal with velocity and flexibility, even faithful remaining to its core values such as being ‘custom-tailored’ and ‘smart’. We should not think to the Italian craftsmanship as something archaic, slow and expensive. In certain products, mass and industrial production is able to help to achieve these goals, absolutely preserving the characters mentioned above. Considering ‘Italia Bellissima’, I would like you previously thought about a laboratory in which are blurred togethercraftsmanship and flexible industrial production. Is misleading, even, to imagine to an Italian artisan looking like Mario Bros, with a mustache and a striped shirt! The son of that artisan, who attended the best universities around the world, is now go-back in his father’s workshop bringing cutting-edge technological innovation, merging it with passion and tradition. The vase will remain hand-made and hand-painted, but innovation will give the customer a better product, for example by using environmentally eco-friendly materials.”

“Italia Bellissima”, the poetry of life.

by Fabrizio Aimar