Delineo, Italia Bellissima meets Valerio Berruti

Italian Design Day 2018, Los Angeles

Delineo, Italia Bellissima meets Valerio Berruti
Exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles for the Italian Design Day 2018

An overseas expositive project for the second edition of the Italian Design Day, a special initiative launched on March 1st by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to promote contemporary Italian design across the globe.

The day is organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles, which has invited the architect Capellino to introduce Italia Bellissima, a project born between 2009 and 2014 in California during the construction of a villa in Costa Mesa – designed, built and decorated using 100% of products and designs Made in Italy.

“Design and handcrafts talk with art – Andrea Capellino says – that’s why I strongly wanted the artist Valerio Berruti on my side. The new concept of craftsmanship, the new arts-and-crafts, need a revamp to move from the stereotype of tradition, of the “it’s always been done like this”. Berruti, a great promoter of contamination between arts, is the right person to talk to about this: the beauty in his paintings and in his sculptures really constitute a big push for the Italian artistic production”.