Architecture & fashion

Architecture and fashion
Two disciplines that intersect themselves in order to generate solutions about identity in flux. Here a brief focus on their fascinating relationship.

The marriage between fashion and architecture has always been the field of pleasant incursions of the latter one through the ephemeral landscapes of the first, both formal, aesthetic and sociological. Henry van de Velde was involved as a precursor as a protagonist at the same time, conceiving and crafting clothes for his wife Maria in accordance with the canons of the Art Nouveau.

Today, this relationship even continues thanks to the efforts of well-known architects in the plan of suitable locations and offices to the needs of the most renowned world fashion companies.
In Italy there are different examples, celebrated in the below short list.

Recently inaugurated, the headquarters of the Fondazione Prada in Milan, designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, are famous for the golden eye-catching volume that qualifies the look-like “Sironi” complex.

Also in the same city, the new Dolce & Gabbana’s HQs in Milan was designed by Piuarch office, in 2013 awarded “Italian architect” of the year.

In Rome, instead, the fashion house Fendi has become the protagonist of the redevelopment of one of the past century landmark buildings in Italy, known as the “Square Colosseum”, now topped out with a contemporary glass-and-steel structure useful to social events and entertainment.

In the past July, the same French firm became the protagonist of a striking fashion show in the capital, in the enchanting setting of Piazza di Trevi. For the occasion, it was set up a glass walkway above the water of the homonymous fountain, recently restored. The effect was wonderful: at night, with the grazing light, the grace of the fashion models seemed they were floating on the water.

by Fabrizio Aimar