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Italia Bellissima creates new connections: between Italian realities, between craftsmanship and architecture, between people in Italy and people far away. Italia Bellissima wants to create new cultural, economic and social connections.

Italia Bellissima presents everything that is handmade, with care, in Italy: art, design, gastronomy, innovation and technology. Nonetheless, the focus is always on the work of artisans, designers, artists and professional who, thanks to creativity and technology, celebrate Italian innovation in the world.


Italia Bellissima enables dreamers around the world to achieve what they had only imaged in their minds. It turns dreams into real objects, with a direct approach to materials and artisans, offering support throughout all the manufacturing process.

Italian craftsmanship comes for experiences, cultures and secular knowledge: Italia Bellissima takes this modus operandi and tailors it to today’s world, by putting the human element at the center of the making process.

Italia Bellissima