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“Back”, the “Italia Bellissima” vase: when art meets craft skill

A pot, outcome of the collaborative effort between M. Arch. Andrea Capellino, founder, and P & G Ceramiche Artistiche. We discuss this with Marco Pimpinelli, head of the artisan company based near Perugia, in Italy. by Fabrizio Aimar  Italia Bellissima “Back” vases, in majolica, are [...]

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The masters of greenhouses: l’Officina dei Giardini

The poetry of greenhouses and conservatories. We talk with Vittorio Cravanzola, owner and founder of the Turin-based company. by Fabrizio Aimar “I am Vittorio Cravanzola, owner of ‘l’Officina dei Giardini’, a company I founded 20 years ago which aims to build living spaces that make it possible to live the garden all year round. In order to make that, [...]

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Interview with Luigina Giordani

Italia Bellissima tester in the Marche, in Italy, she is also the author of the book “Giardini da vivere”, recently published by Paysage. Questions by Fabrizio Aimar Your working philosophy has a lot in common with the ecological conscience and ethic of places. How do you use the different conformations of the plants and their hues in order to [...]

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The ceramic design since Giò Ponti’s expertise to the contemporary one

From the lathe to the adoption of the most advanced technologies, using patterns, shapes and lead-free glazes. Here is a short focus. by Fabrizio Aimar Ceramics and design: a pivotal symbiosis in the history of the “Made in Italy”, that combines art and industry. There are believed to be Gio Ponti one of the leaders in that field; both [...]

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Ceramics in contemporary architecture

An artistic Italian tradition made up of art and color. Here is a brief focus on its most famous applications. by Fabrizio Aimar The expressive possibilities of ceramic have been widely celebrated in the twentieth century, both in the external application and in internal usage. In this respect, it is considered the Futurist ceramics an experimental avant-garde process connected [...]

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Interview with Vincenzo Latina

In Syracuse, Italy, he planned architectural masterpieces that have won Prizes and Awards at national level. We talk with Vincenzo Latina about his thought: as the novelty can regenerate the antique. Questions by Fabrizio Aimar Vincenzo Latina is awarded as the Italian architect of 2015 for “the […] rare sensitivity and attention to the cultural and urban heritage, in which [...]

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