The idea for Italia Bellissima all started with the architect Andrea Capellino’s passion for custom-made products that are made in Italy. The craftsmen share a passion and a desire to discover new realities; they are young entrepreneurs who have successfully reinvented age-old traditional working methods with added elegance and quality.


A group of Italian architects and designers, who are based in Asti, are at the core of this project. Italia Bellissima is also made up of individuals who value the importance of ‘Made in Italy’ and who are always looking to combine an innovative approach with traditional ways.


I had a dream. This dream is becoming a reality: it is called “Italia Bellissima”.
Now I try to explain it, in 10 key points. Do you want to dream together?
by Andrea Capellino – Founder

All the products promoted by “Italia Bellissima” are entirely made in Italy. They are product respecting the natural heritage, acquired from our fathers and grandparents but borrowed from our children, in order to preserve and pass it on over the centuries to come;
“Italia Bellissima” believes in business ethics and in labor rights, so that everyone can work with passion, care and participation in order to obtain the best final product as possible. These are values necessary for a quality production, goal and soul of Made in Italy;
“Italia Bellissima” needs supporters, enthusiastic people who can get excited to hear the sound of metal beaten on the anvil, to breathe the smell of freshly carved wood, to see the flashes given off by the furnaces where glass is blown, to touch the fresh clay molded in cotto;

“Italia Bellissima” aims to become a center for cultural exchange between technicians and enthusiasts, a “know how” lab reserved for real Italian excellences, based on collaboration and dialog;
“Italia Bellissima” intends to give to the foreigner customer the joy of being personally involved in every stage leading to obtain a finished craft product. Appreciate, therefore promote, and finally purchasing;
“Italia Bellissima” seeks to re-formulate, in a contemporary way, materials and archaic processes through the freshness and enthusiasm for new ideas, shaping forms and spaces in a modern concept of dwelling;

“Italia Bellissima” trusts in family-run companies that enclose, in their DNA, the pride in craftsmanship work and that draw confidence in its future from the local roots;
“Italia Bellissima” addresses part of its proceeds to safeguarding and promoting the national craft heritage, encouraging people that are aged 35 and younger to submit their Calls for Proposals.

Networking means offering the possibility to disclose our products into a new market, giving the opportunity for new friends to know each other and expose their passions, skills and abilities;
Network builds relationships, strengthens entrepreneurial skills and creates a new community. It shapes a positive way of thinking, suggesting a shared perspective. Work together to win together;
“Italia Bellissima” intends help the unaware user that does not know the poetry of craft products or certain processes, to stimulate his creativity and the joy of creating customized environments of his everyday life.

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Purchasing an artisan product also means being able to know the context that inspired it, which has stimulated the artist hand, that has shaped it thanks to local raw materials and manpower;
Italy is a unique land, is the State in the world that possesses the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Is the nation of the outstanding beauty, the same one that has donated intense emotions to Stendhal such as to lead him to a particular syndrome related in emotional reactions occurred during the exposure to artworks in Florence;
So, come to Italy. We will take you directly in the craft workshops to let you know how poetry is translated into material prose, meeting people and visiting unique places.

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“Italia Bellissima” research and proposes the use of new processing techniques for a different usage of materials. Is a tradition that renews itself with a contemporary clothing, designed by great tailors who know how re-invent forms and applications of the past;
“Italia Bellissima” will help you to understand how to use the materials of the Italian custom, in a new, original and in unconventional way, thus to achieve together unique and unexpected spaces.
“Italia Bellissima” emphasizes and encourages sustainability, recycling of materials, and creativity as a means of economic development and awareness of what surrounds us.

“Italia Bellissima” keeps a secret ambition, a dream of a few people who is slowly becoming a reality: to offer the chance to conduct their own existence according to the Italian lifestyle.
“Italia Bellissima” firmly believes that a properly home life positively affects the lifestyle of those people who live it every day, too. Therefore, a gentle caress of living, synonym of genuine pleasure, that cuddle the owners through comfortable spaces composed by Italian manuals traditions and their excellence.

“Italia Bellissima” controls the manufacturing processes that lead to the birth of each artisan product, from the first wailing to the cozy cradle portrayed by the customer’s home.
“Italia Bellissima” firmly believes that cannot subsist work without an ethical commitment. So, we will cooperate only with companies that make this key point a constant loving reason in this virtue, for themselves and the others.
Therefore, each artisan company must abide by the current regulations regarding health in the workplace and respect the ecosystem in all phases that will lead to the final product.

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“Italia Bellissima” intends to entrust its products to a national and international market, able to admire the quality and elevate them such as an excellence.
Thus, quality at the right price. It is a sum, made up of unique addenda. Only our selection is able to offer it to the market, which looks to us with confidence and hope.

“Italia Bellissima” daydreams the everyday reality, with a contagious enthusiasm observed in all those who have met, known and believed in our ideas.

Admire the smile of a satisfied customer, who, in the meanwhile, has become a friend and confidant, it is something that fills us with joy. He has entrusted us with dreams, expectations and desires that we have been able to make materials, creating a bond with him that goes beyond the simple job.